Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Shrot trip (report) to Lothian Island, Sundaraban


Today we went to Lothian Island for a one day tour. We left Kolkata around 5.40 am and reached Namkahana at around 10 am.

From Namkhana (Hatania Doania river) we hired a steamer for Rs 4000 till 5.00 pm. Our plan was to see Lothian Island.

First we got down at Bhagabatpur Crocodile sanctuary and again decided to sail around Lothian Island. There are many birds in Lothian Islands - like Lesser whistling duck, whimbrel, Eursian Curlew, Sandpiper, apart form common birds like Egret, Pond Heron etc.  I have never seen so many birds in Sundarban. One can also go to Henry's Island from here. This is not part of core or buffer zone of Sundarban.

However we saw a fox !

We returned around 5 pm and took our car to go back to Kolkata. Anindya got down at Diamond Harbour station to catch a train to Ballygunge. He had an appointment near Ballygunge Station.


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