Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Short trip to Pristine Mousuni Island (in Sundarban) (Reporting in brief)

4.2.17. (Saturday)

The Gang

Subir, Prashanta, Sudipto, Sourabh


Train from Ballygunge at 7.25 am @ Rs 25 (erail.in  does not give this time). We had no problem in getting a seat.

Reached Namkhana at 9.10 am

From Namkhana station to Hatania Doa-nia  River by Toto - @ Rs 10 - 10 minutes

Cross Hatania Doa-nia  River by boat - Rs 2 - - 10 minutes

From opposite site of Hatania Doa-nia  River to bus stop by Van - @ Rs 7 - 10 minutes

From Bus stop to "10 Mile - Dawsh Mille" by Bus Rs 12 or by shared Tata Magic Rs 300 (Rs 350 upto Bakkhali) or Rs 350 upto Pati bunia - 25 minutes

From Dosh mile to Chenai  River side by Motorised van - @ Rs 7 - 20 minutes

Last ferry is at 12.30 pm and then after lunch again at 2.40 pm and every 45 minutes.
So make sure to reach before 12.30 pm

From the other side of Chenai river - 5 minutes walk to the Resort. The resort is basic with 2 rooms - one Indian and other Commode (with Commode shower) but is sufficient. Do not expect luxury here. However you will be entertained by Uttam (slightly retarded)  who took care of all our needs in the resort.

Resort - pic courtesy Subir

pic courtesy : Subhro - http://subhro.wixsite.com/mousuni/stay
pic courtesy : Subhro - http://subhro.wixsite.com/mousuni/stay 
Inside our complex  
This is the only place to stay in this Island. Contat person at the resort Mr Dhiren Mandal - 9800291420  / Mr Arup Mandal : 8348416989

After lunch (with local fish - fresh catch of the day) we left for Baliara beach (further South) by Motorised van by Van Rider : Mujibar (7384 27 02 17) at 3 pm


The area of Mousuni Island is around 21 Sq Km. The only way to move around the Island is Van.
We are the only tourist here. The Baliara beach with white sand is completely virgin beach. There is no tourist apart form us ! One can see Jambudwip from Baliara beach.  It is an absolutely pristine beach. We saw a wonderful sunset here.

We saw many birds - Green bee-eater(numerous), Woodpecker, Cormorant, Drongo,Sunbird, white breasted kingfisher (numerous), Egret.

Green pigeon


Pond Heron

White breasted kingfisher

Green Bee eater

Golden backed woodpecker ; picture courtesy Prasanta Ghose

Red crab at the beach

After having some tea near Baliara beach, we returned to our resort at around 6 pm.  The only problem here is roads are bad (except main road). So if you have a back problem- you have to be very careful, for the bumpy ride. We saw that  they are making a tent facility just beside the sea. As per report on 25.1.2018, this facility has been created.

In the dinner we had chicken.


After having breakfast , we left for Kakra-mari beach at 7.30 am.

On the way we saw the only boat making factory in this Island. Each boat costs around Rs 55,000 and it takes a month to make it. The wood is made of Babla tree.

On the way we were searching for Khejur rosh. Since it was late around 7.45 they started making Gur by putting it under fire, otherwise it will ferment and convert into  liquor (Tari).

The beach of Kakra mari is unique. Actually we followed the backwater to reach the sea.

Kakra mari - pic courtesy Subir

pic courtesy Subir

Since Subirda has to to attend a wedding we dropped him at Bag-danga ferry ghat for onward journey to Namkhana. From Namkhana there is an option to take bus to reach Dharmatala (it is often the better idea, if you miss the train - since the next train is after 1 hour)

Then we left for Kusum-tala beach. The beach here is not that interesting and may be skipped.
After spending some time we left for our resort. After taking our lunch, we took the first boat at 2.30 pm (after lunch break)  and followed the same path to reach Ballygunge Station.

source: http://subhro.wixsite.com/mousuni

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