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Schengen Visa made easy

Question : I am planning to fly to Amsterdam along with another friend who joins me from Hamilton. We both have Indian Passports. We checked with the French Embassy for a Schengen tourist visa and they have asked for a invitation letter from any resident in Europe.... Please help me is there any other way to circumvent it. Or if anyone can help me get one - Vikhram Radhakrishnan from Singapore

Answer :

I applied myself at the VFS in Bangalore. You can also apply thru agents like Thomas cook. They charge you Rs 1000 more.

Your port of entry should be France, only if you are trying get VISA thru France embassy.

Basically you should apply for a visa with the same embassy as your port of entry to schengen states (in your case, it is Netherlands). But once you enter a schengen country, you are free to travel anywhere in the schengen area for the duration of ur visa.

[ However according to another CSer Gaurav "In his case multiple entry Schengen visa issued by German consulate from Mumbai, but his port of entry and exit was from Vienna".....but if you intend to stay 5 days in Austria and 4 days in Germany then they would advise you to apply in Austrian consulate . ]

You need to produce the following documents:

1. Air tickets(return too)
2. Proof of stay - confirmed hotel reservations
3. Bank statements - per day 50 Euro for the period of stay is okay
4. Tax proof
5. photo-2 (they have a particular specification)
6. letter from employer.
7. Covering letter

In other words you should have confirmed return flight reservations, and confirmed hotel reservations as well. If you are able to produce both of the above, along with a rough draft of your itinerary stating which all places you are visiting and your purpose of visit, as well as a proof of sufficient funds to sponsor your trip, then it won't be a problem at all.

Most of these countries accept visa applications through specific agents like VFS. You can check that out on their website. The process is really straightforward. It does not take more than 5 days to get the visa through VFS.

courtesy CS Ankush Lamba from Ludhiana and Shivaprashanth Nuji from Bangalore &INDIANAVIATOR from JK

Schengen Visa made easy

What is Schengen Visa?

If we devise to transport to European countries that exercise Schengen agreement, a “Schengen Visa” simplifies your transport in in in in in between those countries.

With this Visa we can transport in in in in in between countries similar to travelling inter-state in USA. So all inner air, highway as well as sight transport have been rubbed as made during home trips in in in in in between those countries.

What is Schengen?

Schengen is a wine-growing encampment in south-eastern Luxembourg nearby a indicate where a borders of Germany, France as well as Luxembourg encounter together.

Which Countries Can we Travel With this Visa?

At present, there have been fifteen Schengen countries in Europe. The fifteen countries are;

1. Austria

2. Belgium

3. Denmark

4. Finland

5. France

6. Germany

7. Iceland

8. Italy

9. Greece

10. Luxembourg

11. Netherlands

12. Norway

13. Portugal

14. Spain and

15. Sweden.

All these countries solely Norway as well as Iceland have been European Union members.

What have been a Benefits Of this Visa?

Before Schengen agreement, people from a little countries were compulsory to have apart visas for each nation in Europe they wished to visit. A immeasurable network of limit posts existed around acontinent that disrupted trade as well as trade, causing delays as well as costs to both businesses as well as visitors.

With a Schengen Agreement, limit posts have been sealed in between participating countries. Road trade is no longer delayed; road, rail as well as air passengers no longer have their temperament checked when channel borders.

How to Apply for Schengen Visa?

People from Non-EU(European Union), Non-EEA(European Economic Area) countries who instruct to revisit Europe as tourists, as well as who need a visa to come in a Schengen area, have been simply compulsory to get a usual Schengen Visa from a Embassy/Consulate of a Schengen nation they intend to revisit first.

After this, they might revisit any or all of a Schengen countries as tourists or for commercial operation but hindrance. They have been not compulsory to get apart visas for all a (Schengen) European countries they instruct to visit.

Important Information.

Eventhough we can transport with a single visa in in in in in between Schengen countries, it is regularly protected to lift your pass as well as any alternative marker with you.

Some countries similar to Sweden as well as Finland still say etiquette carry out during their borders. Non-EU members Norway as well as Iceland have been not a partial of a EU etiquette kinship as well as thus make a same turn of law carry out towards any caucasian tribe in any case of either they come from inside of a Schengen area or not.

These 5 easy steps are designed by visa experts who deal with Schengen visa processing on a daily basis and will help you to get your Schengen visa approved first time.

Step 1. Decide which country is going to be your main destination and book an appointment at the relevant Visa Application Centre or Consulate. Allow at least 10 working days before the day of the appointment to prepare your supporting documents (remember it may take 5 working days to order the bank statement by post). Make sure you leave at least two weeks (for some nationalities it should be four weeks) to process your visa. Please note that you should not book your trip before you arrange an appointment at the relevant consulate/visa application centre as the nearest appointment might be available only in a few week time.

Step 2. Print out the letter of appointment, you will need to take it with you. One appointment is required for one passport/applicant. Example: if a family of two parents and two children are applying for a Schengen visa, an appointment should be booked for each passport. Therefore you would need to book four appointments; only applicants with appointment letter will be let in. You arestrongly advised to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment as late arrivals will not be admitted.

Step 3. Print, fill out and sign the relevant application form for a Schengen visa for each applicant (you can download a Schengen visa application form from the relevant embassy website).

Step 4. Use the instructions provided on the appointment letter or visa centre website as a guide to help you gather visa supporting documents such as marriage certificate, photos, employment letter, payslips, bank statements, ticket and hotel bookings, insurance, and either cash or credit card to pay visa fee.

Step 5. Once you have checked on your passport and UK visa validity, gathered visa supporting documents and completed the forms, make a photocopy of each document you want to keep and make sure you have everything ready to go.

Tourist Schengen Visas to France, Portugal, Switzerland
Tourist schengen visas for France, Portugal, Switzerland and others schengen visas.
Schengen visa application



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