Friday, February 15, 2013

In search of Wandering minstrels - Bauls - near Ajay River

  • Friday, February 15, 2013
  • Howrah Station, West Bengal
  • Howrah Bridge, Mali Panchghara, Howrah, West Bengal, India
  • Bolpur, West Bengal

    Bolpur, West Bengal, India

    We were picked up from the station, by the car provided by the resort.
    The check-in is at 12 noon on the 15th and check-out at 12 noon the following day. 
    The tariff, payable on arrival, is Rs 750 (for 4 pax)

    Car pick-up/drop is fixed at (Rs 300 one way) and for a 5 hrs trip of Shantiniketan (Rs 600). 

    For all other trips you may hire the car . But for that you'll have to talk to Mr. Basu when you meet him in the resort. The food would cost you Rs 200-225, per day per head approx. 

    Uday Hajra 9830 18 14 62, Suchandra Hajra - 9830 37 84 72 (after 2:30pm), Aaro Aakash,F4 , Anandalok, Kankurgachi, Kolkata, West Bengal 700054 , 033-23557940,

    To see booking status at Aaro Akash, click here:
  • Illambazar, West Bengal

    Illambazar, West Bengal, India

    We have our Booking at Dokka cottage for 1 day, 15.2.13, at Aaro Aaksh. They have two complexes Aaro Akash and Anek Akash

    In Aaro Akash there are 2 complexes - Ekka (one storied) and Dokka (two storied). One can sleep on the 1st floor only, but chat on the ground floor. Aanek Akash is best of the lot. It is almost a museum of folk art of Bengal !

    Today we strolled around the place.
    Saturday, February 16, 2013
  • Illambazar, West Bengal

    Illambazar, West Bengal, India

    Since the booking is only for one day at Aaro Akash we had to shift to Kalabhumi owned by Swayambhar Nari. The Booking is from 16.2.13 to 17.2.13. in Kalobari.

    It is almost an exact replica of Dokka. One can sleep on the ground floor and also at the 1st floor. Vidyut joined us at Aaro Akash and had our breakfast there and then we left for Kalabhumi, to keep our luggage and then we went to Joydev, Kenduli
    Caretaker is Bapi - at swayambhar nari - 9800 251 339 , kolkata office 2522 0240 at Swayambhar nari

    Car pick up Rs 300 for ambassador and Rs 350 for sumo
    Tariffs for rooms:
    kalo bari 600/- (4 ) , N1 400/- (2 1), N2 350/- (2 1) , N3 500/-(4 )
    Joydev Kenduli, West Bengal

  • Joydev Kenduli, West Bengal, India

    From Illambazar, drive for 2 Km and then take left turn to go to Joydev, Kenduli OR after 6 km take left turn from Ghurisha and go to Joydev, Kenduli , which is 12 Km from Illambazar. 

    At Kenduli we saw the Radhamadhab temple and then from Radhamadhab temple we went towards the Ajay river, then took right turn just before the river bank to go towards the akhra of Tarak Das Baul (whom my friend rates better than Paban Das Baul). Today there was a haat (rural weekly market) in Joydev. We took a lane in front of temple to go to the other akhras of Baul.

    Since Tarak was not there in his house, we took the phone number of him from one of his acquaintances and contacted him. He enthralled us with his music, singing in front of a temple, just beside the river Ajay. He was indeed a very special. His leg movements, style, passion, voice is mesmerized us. Asitda took the video of the song sequence. A big thank to my friend Ajay Konar , without whom it would not have been possible.

    We could not find Chaya dasir Ma, since she was not there.  

    To more about Bauls , see my blog
    Tarak Das Baul - 9474 89 08 41
  • Santiniketan and Khowai Haat , West Bengal

    Santiniketan, West Bengal, India

    We saw a cow market on the way back to Shantiniketan. 

    Then on the way back we to “Khowai Haat” : a weekly haat (make shift market), held every Saturday afternoon in Khowai forest, within the wide landscape full of tall Sonajhuri trees and red soil, where the villagers sell there home made products and food items. The key characteristic of this Haat include its live performances of Bengali folk music by the Bauls, which starts from 2.30 pm.I was really impressed with the quality of people visiting there. There were many cars. We saw many foreigners. Some of whom seems to be students (since they came by cycle). We saw three group of bauls playing. The last song made us really regalled, which I never hard.

    After coming back to our resort , we had our lunch and then Vidyut and I went to see Babli which is nearby. Asitda and Isa was tired , so they took rest in the mean while. Babli has eco tourism as part of its vision.
    There are some nice resorts nearby, which are quite famous :

    Illambazar, West Bengal
  • Illambazar, West Bengal, India
    Back to Illambazar
  • Sunday, February 17, 2013
  • Bolpur, West Bengal

    Bolpur, West Bengal, India

    Today we left for Bolpur and saw the newly made museum of Tagore. They have made it world class without any doubt, though they have it smaller than the previous one. The only problem with the new museum is that it suffers from lack of space. 

    Since it was raining we, dropped the idea to go to Chatimtala and went to Amar Kutir, Ballavpur Danga and then left for Ramdas Bairagi Mela, after taking our lunch at Gitanjali.

    We went to Ballavpur Danga, which is 3 km from Shantiniketan. It is a Santhal Adivasi tribal community, framed in the rustic beauty of rural Bengal. The Sonajhuri forest lies to the east and the Ballavpur Avayaranya forest area and bird sanctuary is to its south. 

    Santhali art, craft and culture is woven into the community's life. Attractive designs adorn the walls and floors of their homes, with colours made from red earth and cowdung.Tribal dances unfold in the open air, with fire, to the rhythmic beats of the madal, their traditional musical instrument, while oral Adivasi myths and history remain etched in song and recitation.

    The Bairagitolar mela is 35 km from Katwa. It is celebrated in commemoration of Ramdas Bairagi. From Bolpur it is 24 km to Basapara.

  • Basapara Bus Stop

    West Bengal, India

    Dadhiya Bairagitola would be around 22 km from Basapara.
  • Pirtala, West Bengal

    Pirtala, West Bengal, India

    From Basapara you may turn left to Nanur and then to Dadhiya via Peertola.

    Take left turn just before Ajoy River Bridge to take Badsahi road, leading to Futisanko. Peertola would be 6-7 km before Futisanko. Turn right from Peertola for Dadhia....
  • Dadhia, West Bengal

    Dadhia, West Bengal, India

    Since it was raining, we did not see much. But it was very remote. We saw the inauguration ceremony. It started late, since, I guess, it was raining in the morning.
  • Illambazar, West Bengal

    Monday, February 18, 2013
  • Bolpur, West Bengal

    Howrah, West Bengal
  • Howrah, West Bengal, India

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