Thursday, February 8, 2018

Birds of Kolkata - commonly found

The reason behind this blog is , I did not find any website giving, comprehensive list of COMMONLY found birds in Kolkata. The words in Italics are exact copy from the website of Swarnava Nanid - which I liked.

"There are many common birds in the city that we come across but most of us have no knowledge  about them at all, .....and this is why I write this article, in the simplest way I can, to assist the common people to connect with few of the common birds found in the city.....from  self experience what I feel is until and unless one gets to know few things about a particular bird, developing a liking or taking in interest for that bird then becomes difficult, no matter how many times one sees the same bird. But once a person gets to know few facts about a bird, only then he/she might show some interest in birds.

So here are few common birds in Kolkata , that we often see  many a times in and around the city, but have the wrong concept or no knowledge about them….

White-breasted Kingfisher ( Halcyon smyrnensis ) - Locally known as the Shada buk machranga in Kolkata ,
2. Greater coucal ( Centropus sinensis ) - Locally known as the Kubo in Kolkata, the greater coucal is a member of the cuckoo order of birds, the Cuculiformes. The most common misconception that occurs with a person when he/she sees this bird for the first time, is that it is mistaken as some sort of crow or koel, though it is also known as the crow pheasant but, is a species of cuckoo.
3. Common Tailorbird ( Orthotomus sutorius ) - Popular for its nest made of leaves “sewn” together and immortalized by Rudyard Kipling in his Jungle Book, and from where it derives its bengali name Dorji ( tailor ) Tuni or even Tuntuni.
4.  7.Blue-throated Barbet ( Megalaima asiatica )  - Commonly known as the Nilgala bosonto bauri, the Blue-throated Barbet is one the most brightly colored birds found in the city
5. Coppersmith Barbet Megalaima haemacephala ) - Commonly known as the Bosonto bauri, the Coppersmith Barbet is a short, stocky bird, with a leaf-green body that allows it to remain well-camouflaged in the canopy
6. Common Myna ( Acridotheres tristis  ) or Shalik - It is found everywhere
7. Black Kite  (Milvus migrans ) - Cheel
8.Rock Pigeon (Columba livia )
9. Rose-ringed Parakeet  (Psittacula krameri )
10 House Crow (Corvus splendens) - It is found everywhere
11 Indian Pond Heron (Ardeola grayii)
12 White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis )
13 Red-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer)  It is commonly found in my office complex in South Kolkata
14 Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis ; Size)
15. House Sparrow  (Passer domesticus ) -  Chorui - It is found everywhere
16. Oriental Magpie Robin ( Copsychus saularis) - Doel
17 Black Drongo (Dicrurus macrocercus ;) - Finge
18 Spotted Dove (Streptopelia chinensis) - Ghugu
19  Little Cormorant (Phalacrocorax niger - Pankouri - It is commonly found in Rabindra Sarobar 
20 Asian Koel (Eudynamys scolopacea ) - Kokil - It is commonly found in my office complex in South Kolkata
21 Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) 
22 Open Bill Stork - It is commonly found in Rabindra Sarobar 
23 Painted Stork It is commonly found in Rabindra Sarobar 
24. Greater Flameback WoodpeckerIt is commonly found in my office complex in South Kolkata
25.Jungle Babbler (Turdoides striata)  ( - It is commonly found in my office complex in South Kolkata
26 Brahminy Kite  ( Sankha cheel )


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