Friday, December 11, 2015

What to do when smart phone drops in water ?

It happened to me recently. I recently dozed off during a boat ride on 5.12.2015. (Saturday) After 30 minutes I saw my mobile is lying in water. My phone is Xiaomi Red Mi 2 Prime. It costs Rs 7,000. After coming back home in the evening, I tried to switch it on (my mistake) , without any success.

1. I rushed to their service centre (7.12.15. - Monday) . After 10 minutes, they said it is dead. But they can repair it. For new LCD you have to pay Rs 2,850/- and for new mother board you have to pay Rs 3,000 !

2. Then I took it to my trusted mobile repairman (Stall no. 38 in Deshapriya park market). After trying for 1 hour, he said nothing can be done. He did try to clear the sulphur desposition. He said water is like cancer to a mobile phone !

3. On the advice of my friends, I put it on the heated part of my computer monitor (I have old computer monitor) for 2-3 hours. Nothing happened.

4. Then on the advice of my friends I put it inside the rice bowl.

5. On Tuesday (8.12.15.) it suddenly started working ! However this is a moisture patch on the LCD screen.

To know what to do make it live Click here ........  & 

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