Sunday, August 23, 2015

Grand canyon of Bengal - Gongoni

Gangani or Gongoni & Garbeta Tour in brief


How to reach there ?

We left there by 13 seater Tata Winger and also another car

Gangani – Esplanade to Gangani 177 km. via
1) NH6 and then NH60 after Birendra Setu Toll Plaza.
2) NH60 and proceed towards Gangani.

"However the usual way of reaching Garbeta is to board the Rupasi Bangla Express from Santragachi Station at 06:25 and reach Garhbeta Railway Station at around 09:20.

Cycle Vans are available at the station, which is the common way of transportation to the Gorge. The station is located at Amlagora area "

It is locally known as Gangani Khola - it is a poor cousin of Grand Canyon of USA at Colorado. it is just beside Silabati River. While taking an non concrete road to reach Gongoni, you have to keep on asking people for where to take right turn, to reach Gongoni.

This is red-rock region, made with laterite soil where wind and water have carved and chiseled a harsh ravened landscape of forbidding grandeur.

                           picture credit : Asit Mukhopadhyay

It is a photographers delight and I was surprised that it is not very well known. After taking numerous pictures we sat beside the Silabati river for some time.
Topi Gazelle on the top !

picture credit : Asit Mukhopadhyay

We had our lunch at Riya Hotel opposite Gunjan video Hall. Food is good.

One can also have it at Suruchi Hotel near Garbeta College.

Garbeta town is nearly 10 km from Gangoni .

After Gangoni we went to Gorbeta.

The old temples which can be seen are :

1. Radhanath Singha Smiriti Mandir at Singhipara
2. Famous Sarbamangala temple and nearby temples
3. Kongreshwar Temple
4. Radhaballabh Temple
5. Ek Ratna Temple
6. Singhi Family ruined House
7. Building of Agasthi Family

For dearth of time we could see only few.

Total Distance Covered – 450 km. Approx.

For details see :

For pics see:

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