Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thrilling tour of South East Asia

I started my tour of South East Asia - Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia - on 1st May 2011 . Gradually, I intend to cover all the places in this region in a few years. It was one hell of an experience to say the least!! And for a traveller who set his foot out of his country for the first time, it was more like a permanent roller coaster ride.

In Cambodia, I have seen floating villages at Chong Khneas, communities of permanent residents living in stilted houses at Kompong Khleang [to avoid flooding], historic Angkor Wat, amazing Bayon at Angkor Thom, terracotah like work at Bantei Srei, watched open-mouthed at the nerve tickling fish foot spa and thoroughly enjoyed the daily tuk-tuk rides. I also trekked to the top of a hill to see 1000 submerged Shiva lingas, eaten snakes, crocodiles, frogs, squids and watched the sunset after a treacherous climb at Phnom Bakheng. The LANDMINE MUSEUM was also an eye opener.

At amazing Bali, I saw their version of our Viswakarma Puja, Orang Utang, singing bird (60 seconds at a stretch), Komodo dragon.I saw a stunning temples against breathstopping backdrops of the sea, a floating temple on Lake Bratan, strawberry farm and enjoyed the very interesting Legong Dance at Ubud Palace and Kecak Dance at Ulu Watu.

In Java, I saw Borobodur, Prambanan, active volcanoes giving off toxic sulphur fumes, hot springs with temperatures touching 900 degree Celsius, green crater lakes, lived in a coffee plantation and trekked all the way up to Ijen crater where I saw sulphur miners trekking up from the mines below with 80 kg+ loads. Also experienced a horseback ride to Mt Bromo and walked on volcanic ash.....

In KL, I saw the second largest building in the world, rode the Monorail and took the train to Tanjong Pagar (soon to become a heritage station) in Singapore.

In Singapore, I went to Universal Studio, took the Night Safari, visited the amazing Bird Park and walked around their last surviving kampong (i.e. village) -Pulau Ubin ....the story goes on.... We took early morning flights, watched the sun rise, arrived at hotels after midnight and also missed a train station only to jump down later and walked on railway tracks past thundering trains to reach a safe place! It was adventure all the way. I have never walked, trekked or climbed so much in such a short span of time! It is not for the weak hearted person!!

i will write in instalments!

In Cambodia you can refer to this website of my sister's friend:

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