Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kolkata Film Festival 2010

The 16th edition of the Kolkata Film Festival started in the city on 10th November 2010. Kolkata Film Festival is the second oldest international film festival in India. The festival continued till Nov 17. I was ready to get one "Guest card" from the MD of our company !!

One of the biggest attractions of the 16th Kolkata Film Festival is the screening of Satyajit Ray’s documentary SIKKIM banned in India since its making and therefore, never seen by an Indian audience. Unfortunately it was shown only twice. The last day the queue went up to the Exide crossing from Nandan. So i could not see it !

The films which I saw , with my ratings are :

1. Seven Samurai - Akira Kurosawa,Japan - 6/10
2.The Piano Teacher - Michael Heneke.Austria - 6/10
3. Beyond circle - Golam Rabbany Biplob, Bangladesh - 7.5/10
4.Rashomon -Akira Kurosawa,Japan - 6.5/10
5. Lost mother - Monalisha Das Gupta,West Bengal - 0.5/10
6. Jaffa - Keren Yedaya,Israel 8.5/10
7.Leo's room - Enrique Buchichio, Uruguay 5.5/10

I have heard "Between two Worlds" from Sri Lanka is very good

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