Friday, August 21, 2009


Normally I am not known for my passion for poetry. But we went to see the launch of a book, "Amra Anek Kichu Bhool Jani" by Souvik Bandyopadhay. He is currently the deputy director with the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

The poetries were read by Joy Goswami, BarunChanda. I really liked the poetries and the way it was read by Barun Chanda.

Everyone specially enjoyed the title poem that went Amra anek kich bhool jani ar shegulo je bhool sheta amra jani na…
Seeing the huge crowd of enthusiastic readers and poetry lovers, somebody from the panel very correctly said, “Every Bengali is hit by two ailments once in their life - one is malaria and the other poetry, may no one be infected by the former but let the latter flourish.”
In between the recital Pradip Chatterjee,who is a founder member of the Bengali band Moheener Ghoraguli, sang a beautiful song. He is the younger brother of Gautam Chatterjee.
The type of music that Moheener Ghoraguli pioneered, had the seeds of now very popular Jibonmukhi gaan or 'Songs of ordinary life'. Two decades after Moheen, singers like Kabir Suman, Nochiketa and Anjan Dutta took Jibonmukhi gaan to a new level of popularity, but the origins of the genre can be found in the songs of Moheener Ghoraguli.After the programme we talked to him.

Also known as Bula, Pradip is a flutist and vocalist. An engineering graduate from the prestigious Bengal Engineering College, Shibpur, he joined the Calcuttan engineering firm M.N. Dastur, after the break-up of Moheener Ghoraguli. During the course of his service with the company he travelled over many places from Orissa to Libya, but his quest for world-music was never deterred, but enriched by this varied experiences.

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