Friday, February 17, 2023

Walking tour of Famous Restaurants/street food of North Kolkata

Not Delhi, not Mumbai, but the metropolitan city of foodies- Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, India has made its way to the list of eleven best food destinations in the world for 2023 according to a website called eaters.

For quite some time I planned to document all the famous street foods/Restaurants in and around Bidhan Sarani, College Street. Finally on 04.02.2023 I did it with 2 of my friends.

আমরা যারা দক্ষিণ কলকাতায় থাকি তাদের সব গুলিয়ে যায় ! তাই সবার সুবিধার জন্য লিখে রাখলাম।

Pranajit Bose has been a great help in planning this tour.

Some of these places I tried before, not this time

1. Basanta Cabin
- 4/10 (not many people visit these days) - famous for Kabiraji


2. Putiram
- 7/10 - - famous for Kachori . Shri Hari opposite Bijoli, near Hazra More is better

( )

3. Kalika
- famous Chop - did not try


4. Paramount Sherbats & Syrup
- 7/10 -  famous for Daab Sharbat etc. Quite expensive and bit hyped  - Acharya Prafulla Ray used to come here


5. Dilkhusha Cabin
- 4/10 -  famous for Kabiraji. Kaji Nazrul used to come  (

6. Indian Coffee House
- 6/10 - famous for Ambience  (food is nothing special and quite expensive) (

7. Kapila Ashram
- 8/10  famous for Sherbat (Abar Khabo and Malai Sherbat is very good value for money at Rs 30) 


8. Adi Kapila Ashram
- 7/10 -  famous for Sherbat
(this is the one run apparently by their erstwhile employees, not the original one ) 

9. Niranjan Agar
- 6/10 - famous for Dimer (Egg) Devil


10. Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy
- 9/10 - famous for Sandesh


11. Nalin Chandra Das
- 8/10 - famous for Sandesh

12. Lakshminaryan Shaw & Sons
- 7/10 - famous for Chop - Netaji used to come here.

You can get better Alur Chop at the one near Lake Mall,  beside Lake Market (towards Rashbehari More)


13. Mitra Cafe
- famous for Chop (Fritters),  Kabiraji and Cutlet - did not try. 

There is one near City College, Golpark too.

14. Allens Kitchen
- 7/10 -  famous for Prawn Cutlet - quite expensive and bit hyped 

There is one near Hazra More too. 

Tour map

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