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Name of Indian Spices,Pulses and vegetables etc in English

I am a foodie and part time chef. But whenever I want to learn any new dish, the English names of various ingredients always play a spoilsport. This is a compilation of Indian names of spices,vegetables,fruitsetc.

Pictures of Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Lentils, Legumes, Nuts, Wholegrains

Fruits and Vegetables English to Hindi names
Apple, apricot, Asparagus, Colocassia, Arbi, banana, beet root, Bathua, Bengal gram, Bitter gourd, Cardamom, Carom seeds, Lobia, Chukander, Custard Apple, Pattagobhi, Bandhgobhi, Brussels Sprout, Broccoli, Bottle Gourd, Blueberries , Kharbuja, Cantaloupek, Green Berry, Flash (Frash) Beans, French Beans, Shitaphal, Saripa, Phoolgobhi, Bhutta/Macca, Kheera, Shitaphal, Baigan, Anjeer,Lahsun, Adrak, Angoor, Amrud,Guchi, Kukurmutta, Bhindi, Narangi, Ananas, Anaar, Prun, Kashiphal, Kismis, Mooli, Papita,Turaii, Palak, Salad Patta, Kasmisaag, Shakarkand, Singhara, Shatwar, Sootmooli, Musli, Tamater, Haldi, Tarbooz, Tori, Turai, Turmeric, ber,White goose-foot, Water Chestnut, Zizyphus, Zucchini.

Chick Peas, Chhole, Corn/Maiz Mackka,Green Gram Dal,(Mung Dal), Mung Dhuli (Skinned),Dal- Bengal Gram Chana Dal,Dal- Black Gram Whole, Urad Sabut, Dal- Black Gram, Split Urad Dal Chhilka, Black Eye Beans, Lobia, Kidney (Red) Beans, Rajmah, Oats.

Butter Milk, Mattha, Chhach , Milk, Dudh, Clairified Butter, Ghee, Cheese, yogurt, curd.

Asafoetida, Bay Leaf Tej Patta, Black Pepper, Kali Mirch, Carom Seeds, Ajwaiin,Chillies-Red Lal Mirch, Cinnamon Dalchini,Coriander Powder, Dhania Powder, Cumin Jeera, Hing, Curry Leaves Kadipatta, Cloves Laung, Cardamom, Elaichi,Fenugreek Seeds, Dana Methi, Nutmeg, Jaiphal, Poppy seeds, Khus Khus, Saffron Keshar, Turmeric Powder,Haldi Powder.

Walnut Akhrot Almond Badam Cashews Kaaju Pea Nuts in Shell Mungphali Pea Nuts Mungphali Pistachio Pista.

Vermicelli, Seveian, Vinegar, Sirka, Semolina, Sooji, Sesame Seeds, Til, Suga,r Chini, Mustard ,Sarason, Refined flour, Maida, Aniseed, Saunf, Honey, Shahad, Jaggery, Gud, Saffron, Kesha,r, phitkari, alum.

Aam, Aamchur, Adrak, Ajwain, Akhrot, Aloo, Alubhukhara, Amla, Amrood, Anaar, Ananaas, Angoor,Anjeer, Arbi, Badam, Baingan, Bajra, Besan,Bhindi, Chironji, Dalchini, Elaichi, Heeng Imli, Jaiphal, J avitri, Kaddu, Kesar, Kishmish Lauki, Masoor dal, Moong dal, Panee, Pista, Pyaaz, Rajma, Shakarkand, Urad dal ,Torai, apple, apricot, Colocassia, Arbi, banana, beet root,Asafoetida,Bengal gram, Bitter gourd, Cardamom, Carom seeds, Lobia, Chukande, Pattagobhi/Bandhgobhi,Kharbuja, Cantaloupek, Phoolgobhi, Bhutta/ Macca, Kheera, Shitaphal, Baigan, Anjeer, Lahsun, Adrak, Angoor, Amrud, Guchi/Kukurmutta, Bhindi, Narangi, Ananas, Anaar, Prun, Kashiphal, Kismis, Mooli, Papita,Turaii, Palak, Shakarkand,Tamater, Haldi, Tarbooz,Tori/Turai,Turmeric, Zucchin



Glossary Of Pulses:
English NameIndian / Hindi Name
Beaten RicePoha
Bengal GramChana
Black Gram SabutUrad Dal / Kaali Dal
Black Eyed BeansChawli / Lobhia
Broken WheatDalia
Chickpeas (brown)Chana
Chickpeas (green)Cholia / Hara Chana
Chickpeas (white)Kabuli Chana
Gram FlourBesan / Chane Ka Atta
Green GramMoong
Horse GramKulthi
Maize FlourMakai Ka Atta
Puffed RiceKurmura
Red Kidney BeansRajma
Red LentilMasoor
Refined FlourMaida
SemolinaRava / Suji
Split Bengal GramChana Dal
Split Black GramUrad Dal / Kaali Dal
Split Green GramMoong Dal
Split Red GramTuvar Dal / Arhar Dal
Split Red LentilMasoor Dal
Wheat FlourGehun Ka Atta

Indian Names For Spices, Fruits, Dairy Products and Their Categories:
Common Indian NamesEnglish NamesCategory
Adrak / SonthGingerSpices
AjwainCarom Seeds / ThymeSpices
AmchoorDried Mango PowderMasala
Anaar Dana (Powder)Pomegranate Seeds (Dried)Masala
AttaWheat FlourFlour
BadamAlmondDry Fruit
BesanGram FlourFlour
BhuttaCorn CobsVegetable
ChanaBengal GramPulses
Chana DalGram DalPulses
ChhuaraDates (Dried)Dry Fruit
DahiCurdDairy Product
Dhania PattaCoriander LeavesVegetable
Dhania PowderCoriander PowderMasala
Elaichi (Chhoti)Green CardamomSpices
Elaichi (Moti)Brown CardamomSpices
GheeClarified ButterDairy Product
Hari MirchGreen ChillyVegetable
JeeraCumin SeedSeeds
KajuCashew NutDry Fruit
Kala Jeera / Black Cumin SeedsCaraway SeedsSeeds
Kala NamakRock SaltMasala
Kali MirchBlack PepperSpices
Kari PattaCurry LeavesHerb
Khoya, MawaDried Whole Milk/Thickened MilkDairy Product
KishmishCurrantsDry Fruit
Lasan / LahsunGarlicSpices
MaidaFine Wheat FlourCereal
MalaiCreamMilk Fat
Mattha (Chhaach)Butter MilkDairy Product
MethiFenugreek SeedsSeeds
Moong FaliGroundnutDry Fruits
Nimboo ka SatCitric AcidAcid
PaneerCottage CheeseDairy Product
Patta GobiCabbageVegetable
Paav / Pav / PaoBunCereal
Phool GobiCauliflowerVegetable
Poha, ChiwdaFlaked, Beaten riceCereal
Pudina LeavesMint LeavesVegetables
Raai / RaeeMustard Seeds (Small)Spices
Saboodana / SabudanaSagoGeneral
SarsonMustard Seeds (Moti)Spices
Shimla MirchCapsicumVegetable
TadkaSeasoningCooking Process
Tej PattaBay LeafHerb
Urad DalHorse BeanPulses
Thyme = Ajwain
Leek = spring onion type


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