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Visa requirements for Indian citizens

Visa requirements for Indian citizens
Visa requirements for Indian citizens are as follows:
According to passport information from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), some 71 countries and territories provide visa-free OR  visa-on-arrival access to holders of Republic of India passports (details in table under).
To an Indian 33 countries and territories offer visa-upon-arrival, while 28 countries and territories are accessible visa-free.
Where visa-free access is permitted, such access is not necessarily a right, and admission may technically be at the discretion of border enforcement officers. Visitors engaging in activities other than tourism, including unpaid work, may require a visa or work permit.
The country of residence is a factor in determining the visa requirements for Indian passport holders when visiting some countries. For example, an Indian residing in the USA holding a permanent resident permit (Green Card) does not need a visa to travel to Canada . Indian citizens do not need a visa to travel and work in Nepal and there is no restriction on the number of days they live/work in Nepal and vice versa for Nepalese citizens as well.
Countries and Territories
Conditions of access
Visa issued on arrival (VOA)
60 day VOA available for US$150 with prior arrangement 
30 day VOA for US$50
90 day VOA for a fee of MGA 140,000
60 day VOA
1 month 
VOA for a fee 
Countries and Territories
Conditions of access
Visa Not Required for Cruiseship travel; Visa needed for stay of more than 24hrs.
VOA for USD 51 [16]
Visa not required (for max 90 day stay) if holding a valid US/EU/Canada/Japan/Korea visa valid for at least 3 months beyond arrival date. [19]
Allowed for 90 days if holding a valid US/UK/EU visa. 
90 days 
3 months
90 day stay permitted for visa-holders of Canada, USA or Schengen member states
3 months
90 days
Allowed for 1 month if holding a valid visa for the United States
30 days, if holding valid visa for USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or EU, which has been used at least once. Need to purchase tourist card ($30) at departure airline counter. [36]
90 days [37]
Countries and Territories
Conditions of access
2 weeks
30-day visa issued on arrival for US$20 (Tourist Visa) US$25 (Business Visa) [43]
14 days
30 day VOA for US$25
14 day VOA - US$50 
VOA only at Erbil Airport, on discretion of Immigration authorities [48]
30 day VOA
7 day VOA for JOD 20 
30 days
5 day transit without visa, provided holder is arriving at KLIA/LCCT airport on Malaysia Airlines/Air Asia, AND has confirmed onward ticket + visa to Australia, New Zealand, US, Japan, China, Taiwan or South Korea [52]
30 day VOA
28 day visa issued on arrival  (Currently suspended for all nationalities 
Unlimited access 
4 day transit visa issued free upon arrival, provided holder has visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States of America, Germany or Switzerland, AND is in transit from/to that country
30 days visa issued on arrival, provided holder has an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). ETA is available prior to arrival or on arrival at Bandaranaike International Airport with additional fees.
30 days (Jeju Island Only!) , Allowed stay of up to 30 days (Transit), If he/she has a visa or re-entry permit for U.S., Japan, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand AND is traveling to/from one of those countries.
45 days
15 day VOA [1000 THB] 
United Arab Emirates
30-day non renewable visa issued to GCC resident permit holders. 
14 days (NAIA Manila Only!) Allowed stay of up to 14 days + 7 days extension (Visa On Arrival), If he/she has a visa or re-entry permit for U.S., Japan, Canada, Singapore, Australia & United Kingdom.
30-90 day single or multiple entry visa issued on arrival if holding a prior approval letter issued by a Vietnam based tour operator (can be obtained online in a couple of days)
Countries and Territories
 Conditions of access

Visa not required for holders of a valid Schengen Type "C" or Type "D" visa 
VOA for a fee of GEL 51 (as of October 2011; about US$30)
No visa required for holders of a valid United Kingdom short-term (non-resident) visa, provided entry into Eire is through the UK. 
Single entry of 15 days maximum and up to 90 days within a 6-month period for holders of a valid Schengen Type "C" visa.
Schengen visa should be valid 5 days beyond the intended departure from Macedonia

Visa on arrival for maximum stay of one month for holders with valid Schengen, UK or US visa with a fee of US$20

Not required for holders of a valid EU residence permit


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