Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shantiniketan 2008

We went to Shantiniketan on December 21st to Shantiniketan for Poushmela. Baba stayed at the house of a student of Prabal Dasgupta.

However one of the best places to stay, is an artist village "Aaro akash"

coctact no.

Uday - 9830181462

Suchandra - 9830378472 (after 2:30pm)

Rent: Cottage Onek Akash costs Rs. 600/-; cottage Dokka costs Rs. 400/-; cottagae Ekka costs Rs. 300/-

The fair was interesting.

Since there was not enough space in that house , we stayed in a nearby guest house - Prakriti Bunglow @ Rs 1200.

While coming back , we heard this Pala from Ramayan in the train which is very funny! Very enjoyable indeed!!!!

Rabindra sangeet tune


Unknown said...

Apnara jara byarate gie 3* hotel er aram chaan tara plz Aaro akashe jaaben na....or rhidoy maati die toiri,kache gele sonda matir gondher anuvooti paaben,kintu jore chaap dile venge chur chur, rr paaben udatto khola neel akash,jaar buke iti uti badol jome

sourabh said...

Cannot agree more

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