Sunday, January 1, 1989

Rationalism and me

I am a rationalist and humanist. I am concerned and disturbed when I see people believing mumbo jumbo. I was introduced to Rationalism by my father's friend Kamal Bhattacharya. He gave me few books of Rationalism published by Utsha Manush. Then I met Mr R K Jain in who gave me 3 books written by Mr Prabir Ghosh, "Aloukik noi Loukik", it sort of changed the way I used to think about lot of things.

Santosh showing his "supernatural power"

Santosh showing "supernatural power" of a volunteer.

Prabir Ghosh and Sumitra Padmnabhan - dedicated their life exposing charlatans ,astrologers and fake babas and person claiming to have supernatural power. The annual conference of the organization in 2006 at Behrampore, Murshidabad.

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